A wild horse thanks his friend and hero – He freed him from chains!

Animal cruelty cases have been hitting the Internet lately. While in places like the United States, there are laws that prohibit cruel practices, it doesn’t mean that they don’t take place. The most essential element in combating these practices is the reports that concerned neighbors make. At times, these neighbors can be afraid of reporting them because they fear the other person may retaliate in some way.

By reporting anonymously, people make sure that nothing bad is going to happen to them and that the person responsible for the abuse is going to have to face justice. I remember a case that was reported a brief time ago. It was a man who had about 13 dogs in his home. Yes, you did read correctly, there were 13 of them. Now, how did the man end up with so many dogs?

Well, he had always considered himself to be a dog-person. He grew up with a couple of dogs at home that his family took diligent care of. His father worked in an office and had a decent salary. They could easily afford to take care of their furry friends who were family members to all of them. The two dogs passed away of natural causes, but he could never fully rebound from that.

As soon as he finished school and started working, he made the decision to rescue street dogs and give them a loving home. As many hoarders, he started with only one pup. Soon after that, he found another one, then another one and then one more. Before he knew it, he had 13 of them. People who talked to him on the street said that he had mentioned being happy with all his furry friends, but all the work related to having so many dogs started to pile up.

Very soon, cleaning his house was not important to him and he spent more time with his pals. Some neighbors complained of a foul smell coming from his house, and when the police went to check up on him, they found the home in unsanitary conditions. The officers seized the dogs and took them to a dog shelter, so they could find them suitable homes. The man had to pay a fine and do community service.

While this might seem like a bad case of animal cruelty to you, you would be surprised to know that there are places where people have a tradition of chaining animals. And they don’t even think it’s anything bad. In Romania, they have a peculiar practice. They chain the horse’s limbs, so he cannot move and run away. Often, these chains make cuts and bruises and lead these horses to need medical attention. However, there is one man who has been making a difference and setting all of them free. Here is his story!