A woman cannot marry the love of her life. 40 years later she finds a strange newspaper clipping.

For everyone that has lost a loved one, there’s at least one person who’s been in love. Being in love teaches you a lot of things about yourself. You learn just how much you are willing to sacrifice and how much you are willing to do for that special person you love. But love can also be with someone special, such as a significant other, your parents, siblings, pets and even an object that holds a very special place in your heart. It’s safe to say that it is better to have lived and loved than not having loved at all. The following story is one about the love between two people that waited 50 years.

This is the story of Janice and Prentiss. They met in 1961 at the Occidental College in California. Janice was a student who worked part-time hours to help pay her tuition. One day, she was going about her tasks in the school’s food line when she turned her head and she saw Prentiss. As soon as this happened, they both knew they were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Prentiss, who had not seen her before, started to make more frequent visits to the cafeteria, so he could see the beautiful woman who was helping serve food. Janice was delighted to be seeing a lot more of Prentiss lately. The pivotal point was when at Thanksgiving Prentiss went home for a holiday, and Janice decided to follow him all the way there. She realized it would be very tough to live without him and traveled over 150 miles to be with him. There, they talked about their feelings and got engaged in 1962; the engagement news was so big, that it was announced in a newspaper.

Unfortunately, Janice’s parents were not very keen on them being engaged. A few months after the engagement had been announced, Janice’s father gave her an ultimatum: She needed to break-up with Prentiss, or he would stop paying her college tuition. Janice needed to get a college degree, so she agreed to what her father wanted and called off the engagement. She never saw Prentiss again.

As always, life goes on and both Janice and Prentiss eventually met other people and moved on with their lives. But, destiny has a way of getting into our lives when it wants to, and they would meet again. Would this time be the final one? Would they have a chance to live happily ever after? Click on the video to see the entire story!