A Woman Found A Broken Starling Egg. Watch 1 Year’s Progress Of The Baby Chick!

One year ago, Susan Hickman found a Starling’s egg lying cracked on the ground. To her surprise, a hatchling was emerging from it! She couldn’t find mom’s nest anywhere, so she did the only thing she could – she took the hatchling home. She named the little guy Klinger and nurtured him to grow. Watch Klinger’s 1 year journey.

Many experts warned her that he probably would not survive. But Susan did not give up. Like every other newborn, Klinger had his needs and Susan made sure that all of them were met. He grew stronger day by day. He learned to fly, feed himself, and even to take baths! It is really heart-warming to see his progress!

Watch Klinger’s journey in this amazing clip. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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