A wonderfully upbeat version of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ goes viral

You’re not going to find a more upbeat version of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’. The Blenders somehow make it work to create a fun song.

Listening to ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ for the first time will make you emotional. The beat, lyrics, and even the tempo were made to tug on your heartstrings. The Blenders took on the song, and with their own flair gave it a new meaning.

Instead of a slow beat, they opted for a fast one. And instead of a slow emotional journey, it seemed like a hopeful adventure.

These subtle changes to the song were done without touching the lyrics. That takes talent, and a lot of creativity. The Blenders are not afraid to try new things, and this is one of their best.

Over the years, the group has made music that gets people out of their chairs. With ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, it’s nice to see that the tradition will remain the same.

Fans came together to support The Blenders and help create a virtual concert series. Christmas with The Blenders is now playing, so don’t miss out. Listening to their music will put you in an infectiously happy mood.

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