A Year Full of Firsts Back in 1985

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? I know you remember 1985 like it was yesterday – the year of pop culture icons, technological advancements, and some unforgettable moments.

It was a year of “firsts,” such as the mandatory seat belt law in New York, or young Mike Tyson stepping into the ring for his first professional heavyweight boxing match. And who could forget the night when Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight threw a chair across the court? We were all chanting his name, weren’t we?

The entertainment scene in 1985 was a blast. From the release of the charity single “We Are the World” to the premiere of Moonlighting with Sybil Shepard and a young Bruce Willis, we were never short on excitement. And how about that first WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden? Hulk Hogan and Mr. T really stole the show!

Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous New Coke fiasco. Talk about a marketing misstep! But, hey, at least we got our beloved original formula back in record time.

1985 was also the year we said goodbye to historic Route 66, the Main Street of America that inspired songs and TV shows. And speaking of TV shows, weren’t The Golden Girls the absolute best? They made cheesecake and late-night conversations a go-to for friends everywhere.

Back to the Future had us all dreaming of time travel and DeLoreans, while The Color Purple tugged at our heartstrings and earned critical acclaim. And, of course, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System, which introduced Mario and Luigi into our lives and changed the gaming world forever.

So, why not take a moment and revisit that iconic year? MadlyOdd has put together a fantastic video, “Flashback to 1985 – A Timeline of Life in America,” which will transport you right back to those thrilling days. Go ahead and enjoy because it’s always fun to relive the good times with a smile!

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A Year Full of Firsts Back in 1985