Abandoned And Left To Die. Amazing Mom Rescues Dog! Then The Dog Saves Her Autistic Son.

Xena, The Warrior Puppy, has won the ASPCA Dog of the year award. A considerable change from the path she was on when she was abandoned by her previous owner.

Jonny Hickey was diagnosed with autism and has struggled with anxiety among many other issues. When Linda, Jonny’s mom, saw a news story about a horribly abused and neglected pit bull, she wanted to help. She brought Xena home for a trial visit and what happened amazed her.

Johnny quickly became attached to their new family member, changing from a boy who couldn’t be touched to a boy who loved to cuddle. All because of this one amazing Dog.

Watch this amazing video below and be moved by Jonny’s story. Don’t you think that Xena is amazing? Let us know in the comment section!

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