Abandoned Baby Elephant Enjoys His New Forever Home!

Stories of baby animals adopting an everlasting bond with their human surrogates are always amazing. Seeing as these occurrences are few and far in between, it is always a pleasure to come across them. The video below features Moyo, a 14-month old elephant that is absolutely in love with his rescuer and caretaker Roxy Danckwerts!  Moyo was brought to the Wild is Life sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe, a few days after his birth. Rangers found him stranded and alone after presumably being “washed away whilst trying to cross a flooded river with his herd.”

Now, he has made a new home with de Danckwerts, even though he is now very big and happy, there is just no way that he will leave. In the video you can see how much little Moyo has grown, furthermore you’ll hilariously experience how he no longer can go about the house doing as he pleases, due to his size. I am a bit heartbroken that he can no longer sit on his “favorite sofa”!

Just watch this little elephant’s shenanigans in his new home; he will truly steal your heart! Also you will find yourself respecting his caretakers, a long time animal rescue volunteer with over 20 years of experience in her field!

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