Abandoned Baby Rabbit Gets Inspiring Second Chance Thanks to Soul-Stirring Rescue

After rabbits are born, they spend plenty of time with their mom in the den to learn how to exist in the wild. A woman found an orphaned baby bunny and jumped into action to save his life, and be the mother he so desperately needed.

Knowing his den was destroyed by a cat, Mandy Dooley gently scooped up the little fellow and fed him milk through a syringe. It took a while for the woodland cutie to adjust, but soon enough, he was drinking plenty of milk.

Dooley decided to start weight the rabbit to ensure that he was gaining weight and growing strong. It wasn’t long until she saw that he was nearly doubling in size from one day to the next. Now it was time to give him a diet of delicious greens and hay.

Mandy’s husband built a hutch that they eventually placed outside. When the rescued rabbit was strong enough, they knew it was time to release him into the wild. With a pen outdoors, this little cutie can explore a new world or stay in the safety of his beloved home.