This Abandoned Blind Dog Was Scared All Her Life. What Happened Next? You Won’t Stop Crying!

Hope For Paws has become sort of a household name for all animal lovers. This non-profit organization works hard day and night to execute a varied number of rescues without asking for anything in return. Thanks to them, many abandoned animals have got a second chance at life. The video shares a rescue story about a deserted blind dog.

When they received a call from a friend about an abandoned pooch in South LA, they immediately rushed to the location. They couldn’t find the dog right away, but after a thorough search, they saw her trembling in a corner. They realized that the frightened thing was blind on both eyes. They managed to carry her to safety and named her Fiona. A doctor confirmed the rescuers about her poor eyesight, but he said her vision could he restored in one of her eyes. Fiona is definitely in good hands now.

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