Abandoned By Mom, Wild Horse and Donkey Become “Best Friend Forever”

Dream is a beautiful horse that had a rough life until she met the loving people at Skydog Sanctuary. As she was being taken off the trailer at her new home, the employee couldn’t help but apologize to the animal about how poorly she was treated.

Even though her body was giving up, you could see that there was fight left in her. With her very own Dream team assigned to make her healthy again, she was set to face the biggest battle of her life.

It wasn’t long until the majestic animal was running around the pasture full of energy. The sanctuary also rescued an adorable little donkey from Texas named Joe Pesci. From the moment they met, the two were inseparable.

Dream and Joe do everything together, including eating, galloping, grooming, and more. It’s beautiful to see a story that starts to dreary and ends with such inspiration. It reminds you to be gentle to yourself; you can achieve anything you put your mind to.