Abandoned Cat Ends Up Being The Cutest Pet, OMG!

There are many who grow up with abnormalities or differences, whether genetically, biologically, physically, or mentally. It’s just something that happens, we aren’t all meant to be identical. Differences make our world way more interesting and can keep us from making mistakes by others having a different viewpoint. It’s important not to let our differences divide us, but helps us celebrate each other. With us enjoying the things that make us different, it will be harder for anyone to divide us. We will unite as one weird but awesome nation.

When Monty the cat was born, he had a chromosomal anomaly where the bridge of his nose didn’t properly form. Due to this, Monty can’t really breathe through his nose. He was at a shelter for quite some time and many seemed to pass up the cat almost immediately, solely based on his looks. If they could see the cutie pie now, they would stop dead in their tracks. With a loving father, Monty found his bit of happiness and has seen it expand to amazing heights.

When dad sleeps, so does Monty and the sleeping position they have is amazingly, cuddly and cute. They spend the entire night being close to each other. Monty loves his new home and his loving father who went out of his way to take a chance on him. Now, it’s tragic to even think about life without Monty. From one happy father and fur-kitty to you and yours- stay weird and enjoy the cuddles.

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