Abandoned Dog Chained For 5 Years Did Shocking Thing To Free Herself

There are cases of animal neglect that we cannot forget. There are dogs that have been rescued and are in terrible shape. One reason is that some people are just hoarders. One woman in Michigan was charged with code violations after some neighbors filed a complaint about a horrible smell. They also complained that the woman’s cats were littering their yards and she was not doing anything about it.

Investigators showed up at her home to find a horrible stench. What they found was shocking. The woman had been hoarding over 100 cats! She would leave her door open so the cats would come and go as they wanted. Her house was a total chaos. It was very dirty and she had broken countless codes in the process. She had to be arrested and charged. Some animal protection groups stepped in and took the animals in.

Some other owners move and when they do, they abandon them. Some cases are just very sad. The pets die at times or get very close to it. Neighbors have filed complaints and have gotten animal protection groups to intervene. There are other cases when these groups are not able to help the animals.

There are dogs that have a very rough start. Treya is a dog that has lived such a life. She had a home to call her very own. However, her original owner was killed and she was left behind. No one didn’t even know she was such in a bad shape. It is not something you would wish would happen to your worst enemy, let alone a beautiful dog like this one.

She was left living under the home’s deck. She didn’t have anyone with her, she was left completely alone. She would have died if it hadn’t been for the efforts of kind neighbors. They provided her with food and made a bed of hay to sleep on. They didn’t contact anyone to offer her further assistance.

Treya could not leave because she was left under the house chained up. The dog decided to take matters into her own hands. The chain became tightly wound around her paw. She could not wait to see if someone was coming to rescue her from her terrible conditions. She took drastic measures. She gnaws at her own paw to free herself up. It breaks everyone’s heart to see she had to go to those lengths. She was rescued by a group, but it will take a miracle for her to recover from the anguish she has been through. Will she make it?