Abandoned Dog With Severe Mange Was About To Be Euthanized. Heartbreaking!

Not everyone is aware of the awful conditions that some stray pups have to live through in order to survive. Most people imagine they only have a hard time finding food in dumps and finding somewhere to shelter themselves when it rains, but the truth is, there’s so much more than just that. In this video, you’ll meet Krusty Kristy, a dog who was suffering from a severe mange, a skin condition caused by a fungus that affects countless abandoned dogs every day.

Thankfully, Vet Ranch exists to help dogs just like her. Vet Ranch is a non profit organization that almost miraculously dedicates to giving stray animals another chance at life, giving them the medical attention that they need even if they don’t have anyone to respond for them or pay for their bills. It’s the most noble work I’ve ever seen someone do!

Kristy’s mange was completely out of control, and it had destroyed a great part of her fur. Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch was the one who became responsible for her, and thankfully, after a few weeks of proper care and treatment, she transformed into a brand new happy puppy. Incredible!

You can see this heart melting story for yourself right below.

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