An abandoned dog thinks he may have done something wrong. Then, he sees what’s waiting!

When dogs are taken to shelters after being rescued, they may not know but their life is about to greatly change for the better. Everything is thanks to the unsung heroes that work there as volunteers for the good of the animals they rescue. Those who choose to work there do it because they love animals and want to do everything necessary to make their lives better.

I met such a person who was the one who inspired me the most. He was my next-door neighbor. He started his own non-profit organization to help lost dogs reunite with their owners. Some of them got lost after leaving their homes and others were stolen. He had about 8 dogs of his own, all of them adopted after he had not been able to find their owners.

He visited many neighborhoods and rescued animals from abuse with the help of law-enforcement. He also hired many veterinarians to work full time. Before he knew, his phone was ringing off the hook. He had so much work that he started taking applications for volunteers, and that’s how I got started. I almost begged him to let me help him rescue pups and kitties and he agreed.

At the time, I didn’t rely on social media because cell phones were barely available to a few people. The way we made ourselves known was through word of mouth, posters, and flyers. We started gaining recognition and respect in the community. We also started sterilizing street animals, so we could have their population more under control. Street animal over-population really started to become a problem back then, and we still see sequels to it now.

When I moved to another city, I also saw more of the same problems that I had seen. Thankfully, I had experience and knew what I needed to do. My wife, who also loves animals, helped me start a small organization along with a few or our neighbors. We saw how there were dogs who were abandoned in certain intersections in and around the neighborhood. We have seen many sad stories turn into happy endings.

A prime example of this is the one in the following video. A German Shepherd named Maverick was recently rescued. His injuries had received treatment and the shelter staff was confident that he was ready to go to a loving home. One day, Maverick was taken out of the shelter by one of the caretakers. He started to get a little nervous because he thought he had actually done something wrong. He then sees where he is going, and he cannot believe his luck!