Abandoned Dogs Help Kids Read! Is That Even Possible? OMG!

Reading just became a whole lot more fun! Not everyone loves to read and The Human Society of Missouri came up with a brilliant plan! They introduced a new program where school kids could visit shelter dogs and read to them. This allows the children to practice their reading skills as well as have attentive listeners. I mean, where else can you find patient listeners who hang on to every word you say?

The dogs on the other hand, get to enjoy human company. The rescued and abandoned shelter dogs are given a second chance at life. They have not had a gentle past and need kind and loving hands to be around them. What better way than to have children be with them? Children are known to have loving natures, as they accept each and every dog into their large hearts.

Dogs can sense kindness and they also positively respond to the children who come to visit. It has been found that reading has a calming effect on these rescued dogs who have probably not received a kind word or a gentle touch their earlier lives. Many dogs have been known to find new homes in this way as the children become attached to their new reading partners.

In a world where reading seems to be fading away from classrooms, this is really a great initiative taken on the part of the Humane Society of Missouri. This interaction has doubled rewards. On one hand, the dogs are introduced to gentle humans, and in return the children are introduced to loyal and loving dogs who could become their next best friend. This is a great way for children to learn and practice their communication skills, in an environment which fosters growth and positivity. Seems like a win-win situation to me!

This is a great idea that we hope will be implemented all over the country. What do you feel about it? Do you think your neighborhood school should offer a similar program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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