Abandoned Exotic Newborn Cats Found In Barn. Who Mated With Whom??? That’s The Mystery! OMG!

Alicia Jones spotted two newborn kittens in a barn at Gaston, Indiana. She was surprised to see the strange markings on their fur which suggested that they weren’t of the common house cat variety. In fact, they seemed to belong to some sort of exotic wild cat. They were so young that their eyes hadn’t opened.

They were taken to the Animal Rescue Fund on the weekend where they could be identified or checked up on. Being so young, they needed special care and attention. Local vets checked in on them who stated that they were of mixed parentage and were exotic in nature. This was reported on the ARF’s Facebook page. Unsure of their parentage, the Exotic Feline Rescue located in Center Point, Indiana was contacted so that the kittens could be given the care that was required for them.

Being preemies, they were very fragile and vulnerable to the elements. There was no sign of the mother or any other siblings around and they were placed in the vet’s care so that they could be given nutrition. Sadly, the pressure of being motherless took its toll on one kitten and it passed on to kitty heaven. The remaining kitten was placed in an incubator so that its progress could be monitored and was bottle fed to keep it well nourished.

As of now, the breed is still undetermined. Quite a few options have been ruled out like the tiger species as the kittens are too small to be tiger cubs and bobcats as the kittens have long tails. In most likelihood, the kittens could be a hybrid of a domestic and wild cat like either Bengal or Savannah cats. Although the big mystery is how the kittens were born in a stranger’s barn. This is very unusual behavior for a Bengal or Savannah cat, according to the Exotic Feline Rescue.

This has generated a lot of attention and Minnesota’s Wildcat Sanctuary gave this a mention on their blog and wrote about the problems of breeding hybrid cats. The exotic pet market puts a demand on breeders but this is a market that the Rescue Animal Centers are very much against.

There are over 3.4 million cats that are taken to shelters every year. You can adopt a cat from your local shelter. Did you like this story? What do you think are the chances of finding an exotic offspring in your barn? We’d love to hear your comments in the section below.


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