Abandoned German Shepherd Finally Finds A Place He Can Always Call Home. So Touching!

Homeless shelters and pet shelters haven’t always had the best reputation. It’s a social stigma or gossip that animals that come from shelters have some form of distrust and wildness to them. This isn’t entirely accurate. The distrust Is easily understandable, after being left by owners who vowed to take care of them, it really breaks your heart to see them left in one of the shelters. Or even worse, if they are taken to a kill shelter. A few years back, the percentage of pet owners who adopted was a lowly 25%. This statistic illustrates the problem we have in our cultures and the way we look at shelters. Unless the dog was forcibly taken there, and vicious, chances are the dogs there are just unfortunately down on their luck. Their mom or dad may have died and in even sadder cases, the child of the late parents refuses to take care of them.

Luckily, even in times where some dogs are overbred, one German Shepherd finds peace through all the chaos. Shelter animals may be skittish, but when it comes to Dililia, her distrust comes from a place of experience. When she was no longer seen as useful, the poor dog was abandoned to the streets with James, her best friend of all time. The sight is enough to bring tears to your eyes. The problem that many dogs unfortunately face is that they are bought when they are young and precious, not that they ever stop being precious, but once they grow up? The owners cruelly turn them to the streets or a shelter. This tragic case needs awareness. This is happening time after time.

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