Abandoned disable horse finds comfort with his new 3 puppy friends

Abandoned horse befriend puppy

Six-week-old Theodore was found by a loving Faith Smith. He was a miniature horse perceived to be disabled in almost every possible way. On discovering this, Faith was not the most excited person in the room. Like every other horse, Faith knew Theodore deserved to live a fulfilled life, so she took him under her wings.

After being abandoned by his mother for being too small to reach her nurse, little horse, Theodore is brought into the care of Faith Smith. You can train miniature horses to become excellent therapy companions due to their calm poise, which was an area of specialty in Faith’s field.

But, in Theodore’s case, things were viewed quite differently. He was far from the average weight of horses his age which falls within 150-350 pounds. In contrast, Theodore weighed just 19 pounds. Even that weight is said to be way less than a dog’s.

Abandoned horse

Theodore was declared the most petite horse in the world at his age by Faith. Since his rescue, it is confirmed that he had grown a bit. Still, it is uncertain whether he will eventually get more prominent.

When Faith’s home first welcomed Theodore, he had a crooked jaw and was unable to walk. But, with the help of some special training shoes and encouragement from his new mom, he can now walk, run and even play.

Horses are not considered indoor animals: both miniature and adult horses. But Theodore is so tiny that his chances of survival living outside are little. Unless he gets more prominent, and that even is still uncertain. As a result, Theodore stays indoors in the comfort of Faith’s home with his furry siblings, her dogs. At first, he was frightened by his fluffy counterparts, but it all became normal for him, and he made new friends with time.

Faith admits, she genuinely hopes that Theodore grows bigger so he’d be able to go outside and socialize with his kind. Even though she intends to keep him forever. He was abandoned by his previous family and even possibly euthanized because of the various disabilities he was perceived to have. So far, only one of these disabilities has been confirmed, and that is deafness. Potty training is the latest obstacle for this animal. Still, with all the other challenges he has overcome, this will be nothing but a piece of cake.

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