Abandoned In A House For A Month And Shot When He Escaped, A Dog Is Finally Rescued

Lucky is a friendly and thoroughly lovable pit bill. This makes it all the more difficult to understand why his owner abandoned him, likely to die in a terrible way. Lucky and another dog named Buddy are believed to have spent about a month locked up in a house on their own. The poor dogs chewed their way through several doors in an unsuccessful attempt to escape. Finally, the desperate dogs managed to smash their way through a window. They fled across a property with livestock and the owner opened fire on them. Lucky took a bullet through his nose and another broke one of his legs. Fortunately, animal control was soon on the scene and they got the local SPCA involved.

The SPCA rushed Lucky to a veterinary clinic where his wounds were treated and his leg put in a cast. Then they found him and his pal Buddy a foster home where the two dogs could recover from their ordeal in loving surroundings. In fact, things went so well, there was a “foster fail.” Their temporary human parents loved the two dogs so much, they adopted them! As his new mom said of Lucky, “He’s an escape artist. If he wants out, he’s gonna get out, which, you know, is the reason he’s alive.” Lucky loves the swimming pool at his new home, but there’s just one problem: he’s a terrible swimmer. His new mom can’t count the number of times she’s had to jump in the pool with her clothes on to save him. Eventually, they decided to get him a life vest so he could paddle around safely.

If you’d like to see how happy and healthy Lucky is now, check out the video we’ve posted below. You’ll love seeing him in the pool, life vest and all.

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