Abandoned Infant Hippo and Orphaned Infant Rhino Become Awesome BFF’s… So Cute!

You may not always be able to choose your friends. Sometimes the least likely friend around is the one that really speaks to you. You may understand each other because of the hard ships you’ve both had to endure. It can be these moments when someone knows the lifestyle you live or events or experiences you’ve been through that can really help or aid in the forming of an unbreakable friendship. When it comes to these moments of understanding, it can be quite profound and powerful. We may not always see eye to eye on every subject or matter, but we know that someone can understand a tenth of what we’ve been through. In those moments, it can feel like words are simply obsolete. Nothing needs to be said, it’s just mutually understood.

When you have a connection like that, you must have a way to get rid of anxiety or at least find a way to possibly move on. To accept that a terrible event or terrible events happened and it’s time to move forward. When it comes to those two sadly parentless animals, it can really bring a whole new set of emotions to a completely different level than you’ve experienced before. I know when I first saw these two adorable creatures making friends for the first time, it filled my heart with a sense of indescribable hope.

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