Abandoned Kitten Found In Box. What Happens When He Is Rescued? OMG!

Little did the couple know that when they reached home one cold evening, that their lives would change forever. As they reached their home, the couple saw an abandoned cardboard box lying nearby. About to ignore it, they heard a mewl from the box and realised that there was a kitten inside, shivering in the night air.

Named Catpusic by his new owners, they found the kitten on a cold December night in 2014 in Belarus. As you can imagine, it is not the time of year that you, or any animal for that matter, would want to be left stranded outside. Whoever did that was heartless, but Pusic’s new owners nursed him back to health.

He wasn’t in great shape, in fact, his eyes were glued shut. It took quite a bit of love, attention and patience to make him healthy again. He was so ill that they took him to the vet who warned them that Pusic may not survive.

Keeping a watchful eye on him around the clock, they fed him even though he did not want to eat. This helped the kitten regain his strength slowly. One week later, Pusic started eating on his own. I can imagine the elation the couple would have had, seeing their new pet eat on his own. “It was like seeing a whole new world through his eyes,” said the new proud owners.

They soon discovered how he loved to show his love and affection for his new human parents. The tuxedo cat follows his new owners everywhere and showers them with kisses and hugs all day long.

His human dad had to leave for a trip and you have to watch the video to see how Pusic reacts when his dad comes back home. Be prepared for a heart melting moment between a human dad and his feline son.

Watching this video made me feel all soft and melty inside. This shows how animals always return love and attention a hundred fold. How many of you have had cats and have similar stories? We want to hear from you in our comments section.

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