An Abandoned Kitten lies in the yard — Then a Crow flies in and does the Unimaginable

Birds and cats have long since been enemies. In general, cats will hunt anything that they think is prey. This is the reason that people who have birds as pets need to take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. Nevertheless, animals have been surprising audiences around the world for their sometimes-uncharacteristic behavior. In many instances, animals have taken a very uncommon role and protected other animals that they would have had an altercation with otherwise.

There have even been cases where they have protected humans that have had an accident. There was one case that went viral. A toddler was looking at the gorillas at his local zoo. He unexpectedly fell near some bushes and lost consciousness. The zoo staff was alerted of the impending danger to the toddler. To everyone’s surprise, the alpha male went to check the baby and made sure he was okay. He took the toddler were the gorilla thought he would be safe. The gorilla had to be tranquilized with a dart so staff could get close to the toddler and rescue him.

The following video tells the story about two very unlikely friends. It starts off with the kitten who was abandoned by his mother. Kittens abandoned under these conditions usually have a very low chance of staying alive. Without a caring mother to feed them and take care of them, they can starve or get attacked. The Collitos love animals and have particularly enjoyed cats.

They even say that the most they have been without a cat, is a week. Maybe two at most. Cats provide more than companionship for them. They enjoy each cat’s personality. When they see the abandoned kitten, their immediate thought is to get him to safety. When they were getting ready to do this, down came a crow. A crow and a kitten is a recipe for very sad news. They see the crow approach the kitten and start poking at him. They are sure that this is an attack. Then the crow does something unimaginable.

To their surprise, the crow is feeding the kitten. The crow is looking for worms and bugs, chewing them a little and giving them to the kitten. Not only that, the crow is also playing with the kitten. For some reason, the crow adopts a rather maternal role. He will do things like help the kitty cross the street and make sure nothing happens to him. After a while, the Collitos figure that the kitten might benefit more from real cat food instead of all those bugs he’s been getting.

They go to the local supermarket and get him some cat food. When they feed the kitten then new cat food, he starts eating it like there’s no tomorrow. But then, something else happens. The crow gets curious about the food and probably starts thinking about trying some of it himself. Strangely, the crow decides to back-off a little bit and let the cat have first servings. Talk about putting your friend’s interests before yours!