Abandoned Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain for 33 Hours! What Happened Next?? Unbelievable!

It’s not every day that you get to be a superhero, but David Loop got his chance when a crisis came up. Customers at a California parking lot heard faint mewling sounds from a storm drain. Concerned, David Loop from the Sierra Pacific FurBabies was given a call and he responded to the situation with prompt action. His organization is a non profit rescue organization that helps animals in need.

When it was determined that a kitten was indeed stuck in the storm drain, a team of rescuers put their rescue plan into action. From the start itself, the rescuers knew that this rescue mission was not going to be easy. The kitten was stuck in an 8 inch pipe which the rescuers couldn’t physically reach. Fortunately for the fur baby, the team didn’t give up or lose hope. They provided food and water to the kitten in order to tempt the little one to come out.

However, sometime in the night, things got dicey when it started raining. You can see on David’s face the hopelessness he was feeling on behalf of the trapped kitten because none of their plans were working. The next day, after a 33 hour ordeal, the kitten was finally extracted from his position.

Named piper, this kitten was showered with loads of love and affection. David was wondering aloud if the kitten knew how many people came together to fight for his survival and then looks down at the kitten who is fast asleep in his arms and ends the video by saying, “I think so.”

I loved this story of rescue and the happy ending that followed. It’s so reassuring to see the lengths people will go to rescue one trapped kitten. Pouring in resources, energy, time and hard work, this rescue mission was finally a success. Have you watched the video? What did you think about it? Write in and let us know in the comment section below!

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