This Abandoned Mama Dog Didn’t Want To Give Birth To Her Pups. Why? THIS Broke My Heart!

It is really disturbing how people can abandon their dogs when they move away. Java, this dog in this video, was also left behind by her former owners when they changed their home. Even though they knew she was pregnant at that time they left her without even looking back. However, Java was about to encounter angels and she didn’t even know about it!

Java’s rescuer was Karen from, who took Java to Nob Hill Animal Clinic. Even though it was past the service hour, the clinic took Java in and took care of her. Java was about to give birth to her pups, but she was hesitating at first. However, first thing in the morning, Java gave birth to nine healthy pups.

Poor mama had to go through so much in her life. Watch this heartrending video and share your thoughts with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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