Abandoned newborn squirrel chooses to become man’s furever friend

newborn squirrel

Typically, we can see dogs, cats, birds, and even fishes as house pets in many families. However, it’s not quite usual to see a squirrel living together with humans inside their home.

Squirrels are pretty defensive, easily scared, and don’t want to interact closely with people. They are not the type of animals who will come to you and ask for petting.

That’s how most of us generalize them until we meet Thumbelina. Unlike any other squirrel, Thumbelina loves hanging around with humans, especially her human parents.

Thumb was a rescued squirrel. She was found by a man on his bed together with her sibling. The man immediately calls for rescue with the hopes of reuniting the two squirrels with her mom.

newborn squirrel

Unfortunately, her mom never came back again to get them. Unable to adopt, Thumbs’ sibling didn’t make it. Everyone thinks that the same will happen to Thumb.

As all curtains of hope start to fade, Christina and Michael, both wildlife rehabilitators, decide to step in and adopt little Thumb. It was never easy for Thumbelina since she needs to adopt a lifestyle without her mom.

Luckily, with the help of the two rehabilitators, Thumb grows up to be a friendly, playful, and jolly squirrel. Thanks to the unselfish love and effort that her foster parents have given her. Without them, it could be a different outcome.

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