Abandoned and Orphaned Squirrel Makes A Daring Leap Towards Loving, Adoptive Human. Aw!

We all make mistakes throughout life. Anyone who is squeaky clean to the point that they have no mistakes or notable mistakes- something is wrong. They either haven’t grown in any way, are lying to you, or simply are dangerous psychopaths. So, for the majority of us, I think it’s fair to say we’ve made a mistake or two. Regardless of what it was, hopefully reflection on what the mistake you made was, as well as what steps you need to take to make amends and make up for the mistake are taken, nothing more should be expected from you. To take responsibility for your actions. To make sure that whichever lives you’ve affected are changed on a positive note, then I feel as though you’re doing A-Okay.

Elliot Lambardo made a tragic mistake, cutting down a tree one day. Little did he know, there were two tiny babes that lived in that tree. Both were not only separated from mom, but orphaned. The sight and story is enough to fill anyone’s eyes with tears. Elliot felt like this and decided that he would take responsibility for his actions. Making sure that not only they would have a home, but also a mother figure in their lives, who would be willing to play with them as often as possible. To provide for the poor dears since he had taken away their only family member and their only home.

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