Abandoned Pit Bull Was Living Very Close To A Busy Freeway, But Wait Till You See How He Gets Rescued

Hope For Paws recently uploaded a wonderful rescue on their channel. They are without a doubt, one of the most amazing non-profit animal rescue organizations in the world. They have saved a lot of animals from disastrous conditions and this video features one of them. You are going to be in tears when you see this homeless pit bull being rescued from the streets.

I am not sure why it seems Hope For Paws receives so many calls for pit bulls that have been abandoned, but perhaps it has something to do with the stereotype that this particular breed is difficult and can be aggressive. I think you will see though, that is not true of this breed after you watch this rescue. This dog responds to love and kindness the way any other dog would.

Veyron was living all alone near some brush located dangerously close to a busy freeway. He ran away many times when the rescuers went near him. When they finally cornered him, he looked terrified of them, which tells me that he had lost all trust in humankind, but this is the fault of humans, not the fault of Veyron. The look on his face just about breaks your heart. This poor guy had spent many months alone as a stray, but thankfully, he is in safe hands now. You will rejoice at Veyron’s transformation thanks to this rescue organization who believed in him.

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