Pup abandoned by previous owner thinks he’s the funniest dog around

Adorable funny dog

Jennifer had recently adopted an adorable dog surrendered by the previous owner. When the kind woman found this dog at the shelter, she knew she had to bring the animal home with her.

Adorable dog

Hank had been one of the most amazing dogs. However, he was a bit different when you looked at him, and maybe that was one of the reasons that his previous owner surrendered him. He was more comprehensive than his height; his legs were about 5 inches long, and his chest was 9 inches wide.

Many suggested a DNA test to check the breed of the dog, but Jennifer just told them that he’s Hank and that he’s one of a kind. When he was at the shelter, the volunteers had named the dog Willie, but Jennifer settled for the name Hank.

Adorable funny dog

Hank was hilarious and would always smile and make others laugh. However, the poor soul absolutely hated kisses. But if Jennifer got through to Hank’s face, he would shower her with a thousand kisses.

The dog and the owner were very close. Hank would be absolutely fine whenever Jennifer went to work and not bothered at all. However, he somehow knew when she was going anywhere else.

Adorable dogs

He was also very protective of his owner. Hank even had a girlfriend, Penny, who lived across the street. So, whenever he would wait for Penny, he would sit on the couch all the time as a human.

Jennifer’s other dog Gunther also waited on the couch. Still, Hank would end up sitting and watching for Penny, head directed towards her house. The cute dog had a fantastic personality, and for Jennifer, he was the most beautiful dog she had ever met in her life.

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