Abandoned Puppy With No Legs Gets Her Own Set Of Wheels. Now Watch Walk Again. HAPPY TEARS!

There are so many amazing animal owners in the world that it’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who are abandoning them. But it happens every single day. Every day thousands of animals are left out on the street, to fend for themselves and live their lives on the street. It is a very hard life for dogs and many of them do not last very long out there.

Well that is what this featured video is about. A little Chihuahua puppy was left outside, abandoned in a box and basically left to die alone. The little puppy was believed to be abandoned because she didn’t have any front legs. What is even worse about this story is that many people saw and looked into this box where the puppy was left and they didn’t do anything. Finally, a man named Jene stopped and looked and upon seeing the little puppy immediately brought her to the San Francisco SPCA.

Once she was there the little puppy was named Daffodil and the good people at the SPCA immediately went to work to try and better her life. She was cleaned up and fed and given lots of love. Then they started to fit her for her own set of wheels. That’s right, this great organization didn’t just shelter and feed her but they also gave her better quality of life by having her fit for her own set of wheels.

This little girl is fitted with a fast for them to make a custom set of wheels. When they finally put her in her own wheels her reaction to walking for the very first time is just adorable! This is one little girl who has a great life ahead of her and she even has already found her own forever home.

This is one story that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day!

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