“Sweet Momma Cat Adopts Abandoned Puppy and Nurses Him Back From Certain Death”

He was no more than a day old. He needed his mother. The only problem is his mother was no longer alive.

So, in order to help this puppy survive, the shelter workers had to find him a surrogate mother to care for him…  and the one they found is not what anyone would be expecting… The mother that they found wasn’t another shelter dog.  No, actually the surrogate mother chosen for the job was one of the shelter cats.

They chose Lorleen. She had just given birth to a litter of kittens and the shelter staff decided to see if the cat would also care for this puppy along with her own kittens. The result? Lorleen treated Norland as if he were one of her own!

This puppy is now flourishing under the care of an unlikely mother who probably doesn’t realize the role she played in saving a young puppy’s life.

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