Abandoned Tiny Kitten With A Big Meow!

This kitty sure turns out to be a Chatty Cathy. Watch how the thankful kitten sounds out his gratitude in loud meows. Life mustn’t have been easy for this little kitty. Life on the streets is tough, and for an abandoned kitten, it can be even more so. In fact, the rates of survival are quite slim as it faces many dangers on a daily basis.

When two women were walking by the road, they saw an abandoned kitten sitting by himself. They brought him home and gave him some TLC and medicine to fight the infection he had. This lucky rescue kitten was given a bath and after looking all fresh and clean, was bundled up in his very own wrap.

Given the name Venom, due to his black color, this talkative kitten couldn’t stop meowing his thanks to his new mommy! I can almost imagine Venom saying ‘Thank you’ over and over in his own kitty chatter. Two years down the line, this kitty still remains a chatter box, which is probably testimony to how comfortable he is with his new human parent.

Absolutely love this video – Venom is such an adorable tiny black kitten with a powerful voice. You know he wants to be heard and trust me, you can’t ignore this little fella! What did you think of the video? Weren’t you impressed by his strong voice? SHARE this video with your buddies to spread the love. Don’t forget to write in with your messages in the comments section below.

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