Abbott and Costello Parallel Parked Car Bit Has Audience in Tears

If you’ve ever had to parallel park, you know that depending on the cars around you, it can be quite challenging to get out of the parking spot. Hilarious comedians Abbott and Costello even made a hysterical bit about the predicament.

After giving their last dime to a gentleman, Mrs. Branson comes out of her home to realize that the cars parked around her are too close. She can’t be late to her necessary beauty appointment, so the hilarious comedians try to get out of the parking spot for her.

Bud jumps in the passenger seat to help guide Costello, and it isn’t long until the two are bickering back and forth. You can’t help but laugh when Lou asks whether to go backward, and Abbott says, “Yeah, go ahead.”

The directions are redundant, resulting in Mrs. Branson’s car bumper being locked with the car behind it. A policeman gets involved, and the rest will have you laughing so hard that your sides hurt.