This Abused Bull Has Been In Chains All His Life. Now Watch His Reaction To That Man In Red!

There are lots of neglected animals in the world. But thankfully, they have a chance of getting rescued. The video below features the story of a bull named “Bandit”. This poor thing was one of many million animals in the world that live in narrow stables in tethered housing their whole life. People might often think that animals get used to this treatment, but as this video shows, they don’t.

When Bandit the bull was rescued by a man named Christian from Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary, Bandit gives him the most unexpected but beautiful reaction ever. He performs an adorable dance of freedom and your heart just goes out to him. A bull is not an animal we think of as being happy or thankful, but this one certainly was after his rescue.

This poor bull lived in chains all his life and it is really incredible to see him have his first taste of freedom. He stands in the hay and dances. Once he gets some energy out, they load him onto a truck to take him to his new home. He doesn’t fight it. He seems to sense something better awaits him.

Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary has sheltered more than 500 rescued cows, bulls, and calves. Wait until you see how the bull thanks him at the end of this clip. You won’t believe a bull could behave like this.

Watch Bandit’s reaction below! Did this touch your heart? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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