Abused Dog Is Brought Into Houston Shelter. Her Recovery Was Stunning To Me.

These videos about rescuing abandoned or mistreated dogs are brutal to watch, especially at the beginning. It’s helpful though, to realize that there is that kind of evil and depravity that exists to hurt animals. People can derive pleasure from seeing these animals hurt. It’s scary… but the antidote to that is also recognizing that there are many more good people out there who will heal these animals.

We see Pumpkin on the streets of Houston, her body a mass of chemical burns. She had been shot repeatedly with a BB-gun. She’s brought into a shelter by rescuers after someone posted a picture of her on social media. They found a puppy of hers too, but it was too weak to survive. But Pumpkin, who was so named because she was found near Halloween, not because of her color, was determined to keep on living… and that she did.

Pumpkin healed and she started making other friends at the foster home. She looked like such a sweetie and her healed hair betrayed no signs of what had happened to her in the past. Her psyche was an unbreakable one and she showered the people around her with love. So much so that her foster mom apparently became her full-time forever home mommy. That’s a welcome break that she desperately needed.

The thing that really made me angry was that the person who took the initial picture of Pumpkin posted it as a joke. How can people be so jaded that they think that burning a dog is OK? It’s sick. I’m so glad that the proper people found the photo and brought her in. Although she lost her puppy through no fault of her own, it was gratifying to see that she made other doggie friends and wound up with a mommy who loves her.

I hate seeing abused animals, but it warms my heart to see them recover. Have you had any experience with things like this? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section!

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