Abused Dog Lost His Front Paws In A Fire, Gets Prosthetic Paws! Watch How Happy It Makes Him!

Journey the Dog had it pretty hard in early life. For many years, Journey was abused by someone. This poor dog was subjected to a fire in which he lost his front paws. The victim of horrible crimes committed against him by the people who should love him, Journey lost his front paws and his ability to run.

However, this abuse victim and fire survivor has come a long way. He’s been given a second chance at life with people that treat him properly and love him, and he’s been given prosthetic paws so that he can run, play and enjoy his life again.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that we take for granted, and those things mean the most to us. For this dog, it’s the ability to just function as a normal dog would, and he’s happy to have the chance to do so again.

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