This Abused Dog Was Rehabilitated By This Man In Prison. What Happens When They Part? HEART BREAKING!

When an abandoned dog has nowhere to go, sometimes their last hope is to find someone who needs them just as much as they need someone.

At the start of the video, you’ll meet a terrified lab that is being sent to the prison program where the inmates will care for these unwanted animals and help them recover.

Since the prison trained k9 program started in 2002, Debi Stevens has seen more than 6,000 dogs go through it with more than 2,500 being rescue animals.

Before these animals are taken to the humane shelter, they are given a chance to recover with the help of the inmates.

Some of the dogs have gone through very traumatic circumstances that leave them terrified and frightened of all people. For example, when the traumatized lab from the beginning of the video comes into contact with people, she pees herself out of fear.

The inmates who themselves are in essence rejected people, take these rejected dogs into their hearts and help them recover. Both the inmates and dogs are getting something so great from this animal rescue program.

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