This Abused Dog Was Scared Of Humans. What THIS Rescuer Did For Her Will Leave You Crying!

Nala was just a scared and abandoned dog living in a ditch until she met this wonderful animal rescue organization; Hope For Paws. This non-profit organization has been working for 8 years and has come across many tear-jerking rescues and Nala’s rescue is one of them. This video will definitely leave you crying rivers!

The rescuers from Hope For Paws were informed about Nala who had been living in a ditch. According to the eye witnesses, Nala was probably abused by a man as she whimpered and ran away as soon as she heard a male voice. Because Nala was petrified of humans, the rescuers had hard time getting Nala back to safety. However, even though it seemed impossible to gain Nala’s trust at first, rescuers didn’t back down.

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