Abused Dog Taken to Indian Shelter. I Was Amazed At What Helped Her Out Of Her Shell.

No matter what the country is, animal abuse is something that makes my blood boil. It’s bad enough to hurt people, but to do it to an animal that is so much smaller than you is to lower yourself to a subhuman status. Not only is it work to build up the abused animal’s physical health, it’s an even more arduous task to piece together a psyche that is often shattered like a hammer hitting a glass window. Dogs like Grace, who we see in this video.

It was a long process for Grace, going from a situation that broke her mentally and physically to accepting that she was loved. It took a while, she had to turn inward and heal that way… physically at least. She seemed to not even notice the gentle caresses of the staff at the shelter. Who can blame her for tuning out – it was people who put her in this situation to begin with. But it would take something else to make her come out of her shell.

This is a hard video to watch at the beginning. I literally winced and covered my eyes when they were cutting the wire off this poor dog’s mouth. It was so cruel and it looked like it was so painful… yet the scum that did it didn’t care how Grace felt. I’m glad that she recovered and found a new friend in another dog at the shelter. It was so fun to see them playing with each other in the field and then just hanging out together.

I know that this was filmed in India, but the sight of them playing while boars, cattle, goats, and other animals roamed around made for a funny sight. All of these creatures were loved and cared for, that’s all that matters. There were a lot of animal lovers who posted in the comments section, many of them professing rage at the people who hurt her. The perpetrators have to be themselves… this dog will get the best revenge by living a happy life.

What a emotional video. Going from the pain and sadness at the beginning to seeing her “smiling” face at the end. What did you think? Aren’t the people at the shelter amazing? We’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

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