An Abused Dog Is Tossed In A Field, Paralyzed and Left To Die. Watch His Amazing Recovery

It takes a sick person to mistreat an animal, but unfortunately, there are a lot of sick people in the world. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that people who abuse animals are also prone to harming people. In one study, a large majority of pet-owningwomen who sought shelter from an abusive partner reported that their pets had been threatened with harm or actually harmed. Other studies have found that rapists and murderers often have a history of mistreating animals.

Even when abused animals are rescued and their physical injuries successfully treated, they can be seriously mentally scarred. But sometimes a loving new home can help with that.

Khan the dog was beaten up, abused, and discarded like an old cloth, left out in a field to die. His rescuers found him lying near a stream, alive but completely paralyzed, able only to move his head slightly and wag his tail a little. After being taken to the animal hospital, he needed weeks and weeks of treatment. Khan was obviously happy that caring people were helping him, but he still had to fight like a hero. Finally, he was back on his paws, able to walk again, albeit with some difficulty.

Now Khan has a loving new home with a great human parent. As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below, he’s doing a lot better and that tail of his is wagging with a whole lot more spirit than it was when he was brought to the animal hospital. And you’ll love seeing how happy Khan and the people who saved him are when he returns for a checkup.

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