She Was Abused & NOBODY Could Heal Her Broken Soul… When She Met Her Best Friend? I’m Crying!

Millions of dogs are abandoned every year and a lot of them are euthanized. Some amazing organizations have been working day and night for the welfare of these animals and Animal Aid Unlimited is one of them. It is an animal sanctuary and hospital service located in Rajasthan, India. This establishment has been rescuing a large number of abandoned and injured street animals every year and this story is about one of those animals.

The poor dog was abused and wounded nearly to the point of death. The tormentors had put her through brutal things like tying wire through her mouth and almost slicing her head in half. Even after she was rescued, she was always depressed and nothing seemed to mend her broken heart and spirit. But then she met her best friend. What happens next in her life is very beautiful.

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