Abused Homeless Dog Was Ready To Give Up. When You See Him Now, Your Jaw Will Drop!

There are people out there who say social media is no good. They say it breaks up marriages and relationships. It also makes people tune out from the real world – witness this past election cycle where people couldn’t distinguish from real news sites from fake news sites. It all seems so disappointing. But there are times that it can be a tool to be used for good. It can push forward progress. Also, as this video shows, it can literally help save a dog’s life.

The video starts with a Greek animal rescue volunteer, Valia Orfanidou, talking about how she had seen a Facebook post about a stray dog that looked on the verge of starving to death near some train tracks. She went and got him, figuring that she could at least keep him from dying on the street and passing away inside, knowing that at least someone tried to help him. The vet who examined him even suggested euthanizing the mange-ridden dog. Something made them stop, though.

Instead, Orfanindou took the dog upstairs to a bathroom and put food and water next to him. He actually ate, which indicated a will to live. His vitals seemed much better and the vet recommended that they see what happened if they tried to build him up again. They named him Billy. At first, he had little energy to do anything but eat, drink and sleep. Then his strength gradually returned. Billy got healthier, heavier, and more active. Two months later, he looked like a completely different dog – so much so that people who had been following the rescue site as they documented taking care of him suggested that they had switched in a new dog.

This incredible story ends with Billy getting adopted by a woman who had followed the story on Facebook from the beginning. This sweet dog got a brand new forever home in Switzerland. Talk about a complete turnaround. So, take heart, people. If you’re living in tough times, don’t despair. Something good could come around the corner. You just have to keep fighting long enough for that to happen.

Billy’s story really moved me. What about you? Did you like it? Tell us in the comment section below!

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