Abused Horse Meets Her Forever Family For The First Time Ever… I’m In TEARS!

Animals are one of the brightest parts of our daily lives. They make us happy and share all sorts of special moments and feelings with us. If we prove to be good partners and give them everything that they need, they can give us back their unconditional love and affection, for the rest of their lives.

Every kind of animal shows it in a different way, like dogs who cheerfully run for their human friends, or cats, who are a bit sassier and silent about the whole thing, but with the same love. Unfortunately, not every animal owner acts with the same level of responsibility and consciousness, and even though most of them give them up or abandon them when they realize they don’t want them, some keep them despite their dissatisfaction and resort to abusing them.

The horse in the video below, Flora, was mistreated by her original human owners, and she endured a life of hardship and pain until she got rescued from them. Some people think that because they’re not expressive like dogs, horses are animals that only need a bit of space and food, not realizing the social aspect of their lives. Thankfully, she was able to find a new hope in life!

You can watch Flora’s amazing full story in the video we put right below.

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