Abused Mini Horse Suffers From Many Medical Conditions. But When He Looked Up? My Heart Broke!

There are lots of abandoned animals in the world. Thankfully, a few of them get rescued in time to lead a normal and happy life. Sebastian the mini horse was one of these lucky few. PETA’s fieldworkers found this three-foot-tall mini horse trapped in a barren dirt pen with no food, water, or shelter.

They also realized that he suffered from blunt force trauma to his head, which caused facial paralysis and many other medical conditions too. He had an injury to his leg and a bad eye infection. All of these medical issues and his mistreatment by his owners had caused Sebastian to lose his spirit and be afraid of humans.

PETA didn’t leave him behind. They rescued him and he spent several weeks at a foster farm where he received the required medical treatment, and the love and care to wipe away his emotional scars. He not only trusted his caretakers, but he loved them, and they fell in love with him as well. It was hard to say goodbye, but they were happy to send him on a cross-country journey to his new forever home.

Sebastian was adopted into his loving forever home where he quickly made friends with other animals on the farm. He had his own space to run and roam and graze, and all the love and attention he needed. This rescue is a true success story. Let’s hope other abandoned animals also get a second chance at life like this sweet horse did!

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