Abused Pit Bull Can’t Stop Shaking. I Couldn’t Believe What Actually Calmed Him Down.

People can be so unfathomably cruel to animals. I don’t understand their thought process at all. How can they look at a dog or cat and just see it as a punching bag or worse? These are living, breathing creatures with feelings too and to just be so horrible to them is a sign of a deficiency within. They don’t care about the aftermath of what happens to these poor creatures. Fortunately, we see a woman in this video who is willing to roll up her sleeves and help.

We see Fletcher, a pit bull, laying on his side in the shelter. Stephanie Paluch, the founder of this shelter, called Players For Pits, is gently stroking him on his side as he can’t stop shaking. Whoever mistreated him like this left him in a terrible state and it’s heartbreaking to watch him just in a constant state of anxiety. That’s no way to live and it’s also a sign that Paluch has a lot of work to do to bring him around.

Paluch also does an Instagram video where she sings along with Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” to calm Fletcher down while he curls up in a frightened ball in her car. It’s a really touching moment and it makes me wish that the video is a lot longer than the snippet that it showed. I hope that Fletcher comes around and shows the loving dog that is always inside of him. Evil and fear can’t win here.

The thought that someone could do something so cruel to this poor dog fills me with both rage and sadness. It’s terrible that such people can walk around among us and be so devoid of love and compassion for an animal. It makes me wonder how they treat their fellow human beings too. Thankfully, people like Paluch walk this Earth too, to show dogs like Fletcher that good is that much stronger than evil.

Seeing abused animals always makes me sad. What are your thoughts about what happened here and what can help Fletcher? We’d love to hear them in the comments section.

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