Abused Pit Bull Given A Second Chance Home. I Loved How His Transformation Went.

Animal abuse is a sad fact of life. For every dog, cat, bird, you name it that gets a nice and loving home, there are also animals that are made to regret even being born. They are subject to horrifying forms of torture and abuse and are sometimes made to fight each other. There was the sad case of Petey, a pit bull who we see in this video. His had had been hit so hard so many times with a blunt item that it was swollen to twice its size.

Seeing Petey’s face bloated from all the abuse he had taken … I really hope they find the animal that did this to him. I say ‘animal’ because the perpetrator is not human. Hearing about Mike Vick and how he used to kill dogs made me mad, but this is a whole different level. It shows his spirit that he was able to bounce back emotionally only a short time after his physical wounds healed. He got adopted pretty quickly too.

Petey’s outlook on life changed completely in his new home. His new mommy said that he was “Four going on four months” because he acts so much like a puppy. His first time rolling on grass was pure bliss for him. This is something that he deserved – happiness with a mommy who loves him. Deep down, he had to know that he was worthy of being cared for, not being struck with a blunt item.

Situations like this make me so sad, knowing that there are people out there who think nothing of striking a dog like this. Fortunately, the number of people who will rise up and make sure that the animal is safe far outweigh those that would inflict this damage. It’s going to be a sad time if those numbers ever change. There are other Petey’s out there that need our help. Let’s keep extending those helping hands.

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