Abusive Babysitter Started Hitting This Poor Baby, But How This Dog Saves Him Left Me In Tears

Benjamin and Hope from South Carolina were looking for a babysitter for Finn, their seven-month old son. That’s when they came across a 22-year-old woman named Alexis Khan. They followed all the procedures and Khan also came clean on the background check. The family felt confident they were leaving their child in good hands while they were at work.

After about three months, Killian’s behavior towards the babysitter changed. It looked like their dog was not very fond of her. Every time she walked through the door, he became protective towards the baby, and at one point, the parents had to stop him from physically harming the babysitter.

Killian started becoming more aggressive and hostile towards the babysitter, so the parents decided to find out the reason behind it. Killian would growl and bark at the sitter and the hair on his back would stand up. His behavior became more and more serious, and he had never behaved this way toward anyone else, so they decided to investigate. They slipped an iPhone under the couch when Alexis was babysitting and checked the phone when they returned home from work.

What they discovered left them in shock. The woman had been abusing their tiny son in their absence. But thanks to Killian, she was now exposed. Alexis was sentenced to up to three years in prison and was placed on a child abuse registry.

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