When Her Abusive Boyfriend Brutally Attacked Her, Then This Dog Did Something That Left Me In Tears!

Even though victims of abusive relationships are rescued by organizations working to prevent domestic violence, they usually have to leave their beloved pets behind. It is one of the reasons why as many as 40 per cent of women facing domestic violence don’t leave their abusive partner. But this one brave woman and her dog changed everything for everyone.

This woman in the video is one of such cases where she couldn’t leave her abuser because of her beloved dog. But after one night when she was brutally abused by her partner, everything changed. She was attacked by her boyfriend in her own house but fortunately was saved by her dog. She was able to bring herself to get up and run to authorities even after great injuries.

Authorities set her up at a nearby women’s shelter, called the Rose Brooks Center, but no one was allowed to take a dog to this shelter. However, after hearing her story, Rose Brooks Center made an exception and became the first domestic violence shelter in the region to welcome four-legged family member. And this organization even opened a new pet kennel branch adjacent to the center.

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