This AC/DC cover by farmers is the mother of all covers

What does it take to pull off a great cover? I would say having a good voice, maybe sounding a little bit like the original singers. I love to watch cover videos on YouTube because it gives me a chance to discover talent when it is barely starting to surface. Many of the artists we now know started doing covers of other artists. Their sound became so well known that they managed to get record deals out of it, not to mention fame.

I have seen some very decent covers of some songs, but there’s always that element that I will find missing. I guess it’s the sound. I don’t mind people covering a song with only a guitar, but there’s something about having a full ensemble of instruments that can make it sound as good as the original. The problem is, when you’re starting out as a musician, you are probably financing yourself out of whatever is left of your paycheck.

Some people have gotten creative with instruments and have managed to sound very good. There was this guy who did drum covers using only buckets. He had outfitted them with some springs around the outer part and put some things inside them, so each one would produce a slightly different sound. He would play some covers from Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, and others, sounding surprisingly similar.

Other artists use completely different instruments to give their covers a unique sound. Some of them use instruments that you would hear in an orchestra, such as the harp, cello, and violins. Playing these instruments takes a big dose of talent, and the musicians are able to give rock and heavy metal songs, a certain elegant sound.

Using more sophisticated instruments usually makes for a great cover with a great sound. But what if you don’t have access to them or you simply can’t afford them? Getting something that you can use or at least try to improvise with it will do the trick. Now, what happens if you live on a ranch? It’s not like you have musical instruments lying around everywhere, right?

Well, a group of Finnish farmers did just that. They got together and gathered what they could, so they could cover one of the classic songs by their favorite band “AD/DC.” They got an accordion, some spoons, and a banjo that makes a surprisingly good substitute for an electric guitar. They are ready to play, and they are no joke. Get ready to get your socks blown off!