Acapella Superstar Peter Hollens Does The Best Cover of Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’

Every last sound in this video has been made by the mouth of a musical artist. No editing, no filtering, no instruments – just self-made music from the mouths of Peter Hollens & ‘Naturally 7’. This talented acapella group unites with the renowned singer & impersonator to take on a song that’s an instant hit. Listen, and soon you’ll agree!

That’s right. Singer extraordinaire and much-loved celebrity impersonator Peter Hollens came together with the seven members of the acapella group Naturally 7. “Shape of My Heart” is transformed into a rich medley of uplifting voices backed by deep harmony and natural bass unlike any other.

There’s no forgetting this acapella rendition Sting’s timeless classic ‘Shape of My Heart’ by Peter Hollens and ‘Naturally 7’. Eight voices combine into a harmony that could easily fool anyone into thinking that there is an instrumental backing, while at the same time elevating and recreating a song that becomes its own unique exhibit of passion.

Acapella Superstar Peter Hollens Does The Best Cover of Sting\'s \'Shape of My Heart\'