Acapella Songstress Evynne Hollens Takes On Disney’s ‘Tangled’ In The Cutest Video

A Cover Of 'When Will My Life Begin' & 'Reprise' By Eveynne HollensYouTube superstar vocal artist Evynne Hollens presents an amazing cover of two of the most iconic tracks from tangled. Calling in the help of her two-year-old son Ashland, Evynne performs a fantastic rendition of both ‘When Will My Life Begin?’ and ‘Reprise.’

The way that this cover artist has transformed into a real-life Rapunzel is only topped by the young Ashland dressed up in his all-green outfit as ‘Pascal’ the chameleon. With a vocal performance that sounds stolen straight from a Disney masterpiece, Hollens has once again managed to steal the show. Her track is backed with a video that’s just as honest and heartwarming.

The Hollens family is great at delivering tracks that you can’t help but sing along to. Here, Evynne Hollens & her son Ashland put on an amazing show, recreating two leading tracks from ‘Tangled’ with distinctive style & power that this artist has come to be known for. Don’t miss this happy rendition of ‘When Will My Life Begin’ and ‘Reprise.’

Acapella Songstress Evynne Hollens Takes On Disney\'s \'Tangled\' In The Cutest Video